GCCMA 2019 Spring Conference

GCCMA’s 2019 Spring Conference took place at The Classic Center in Athens Georgia on March 20-22, 2019.   

Thank you to the conference sponsors for their support: Schneider Electric, American Fidelity, ABM, Davenport, Keck & Wood, Goodwyn| Mills | Cawood, Place Services, VC3, Thomas & Hutton, Republic and 2WR


Keynote Session - Rebekah Gregory

Effectively Managing Employee Healthcare is Good Business!

Why Leaders Can’t Lead

Fire Fees as a Fair & Equitable Mechanism to Fund Local Government Fire Services‚Äč

Government at its Finest: From Plan to Movement

SWOT Analysis of the Local Government Management Profession

Lead and Asbestos Regulations Affecting Local Government Projects

Rapid Fire‚Äč Sessions
2019 GCCMA Fall Conference

2019 GCCMA Fall Conference

The 2019 Fall GCCMA Conference will be held at Lake Lanier Islands on November 13-15. 

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Job Opportunities

The following job opportunities are provided by Georgia Local Government Access (GLGA) Marketplace, a web site maintained by the Georgia Municipal Association and the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.