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GCCMA Committees

Bylaw Committee*:

All Active Past Presidents

Program Planning Committee:

Chair:  Chris Hobby, City Manager, Bainbridge*

Vice Chair:  Adam Mestres, County Manager, Morgan County

Goal:  Per the bylaws, 9 members should serve.  This committee should continue to work with our education partner to ensure strong programming for the conference.


Scholarship Committee:

Chair:  Scott Andrews, City Manager, Covington 

Vice Chair:  

Goal:  Work with the Bylaw committee to suggest language that reflects current and future goals. 


Fall Conference Site Selection Committee:

Chair:  Adam Mestres, County Manager, Morgan County*

Vice Chair:  Pete Pyrzenski, City Manager, Tifton

Goal:  Per the bylaws, the President appoints one member for each of the (6) districts.  Now there are (12) districts.  This committee should work with the Bylaw Committee on changing the language to this section.  Another goal is to determine a location for the Fall 2022 Conference based on the district rotation the Board has suggested. 


Special Projects Committee:**

Chair:  Shawn Boatright, County Manager, Camden County 

Vice Chair:  

Goal:  This new Committee would address any and all new ideas presented to the Board.  Recommendations by this Committee would be presented to the Board for a final decision.  Current new topics for consideration; (1) Diversity & Inclusion:  recommended by Kenny Howard, City Manager Hinesville and (2) Lead for America involvement:  recommended by Billy Peppers, City Manager of Canton. 


Strategic Planning Committee:**

Chair:  Sammy Rich, City Manager, Rome 

Vice Chair:  

Goal:  This Committee should review the strategic plan and determine realistic goals that can be accomplished by the Board over the next two years. 


ICMA Engagement Committee:**

Chair:  Marcia Hampton, City Manager

Vice Chair:  Adam Mestris, County Manager Morgan County

Goal: This Committee should focus on how to better educate the membership on GCCMA’s relationship with ICMA and how to get the most from your ICMA membership.  Committee members should include GCCMA Members who are actively involved with ICMA. 


Membership Committee**

Chair:  Sonja Fillingame, City Manager, Union City

Vice Chair:  Bryan Lackey, City Manager, Gainesville

Goal: The goal of this Committee is to evaluate the needs of our membership.  This Committee should receive guidance and recommendations from the District Directors about specific needs within each district. 


Awards Committee:** 

Chair:  Cleatus Phillips, City Manager, Newnan

Vice Chair:  Blaine Williams, City Manager, Athens Clarke County

Goal: This Committee should be responsible for strengthening our awards program.  This would include our nomination process and considering new awards for our annual awards program. 


*notates the assignment is per the bylaws.

**notates a newly created Committee




GCCMA Spring Conference

GCCMA Spring Conference

GCCMA's 2023 Spring Conference will take place at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia: March 8th-10th

Job Opportunities

The following job opportunities are provided by Georgia Local Government Access (GLGA) Marketplace, a web site maintained by the Georgia Municipal Association and the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.

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